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2022 Eco Pass Enrollment And Renewals


What's the Holiday Neighborhood Eco Pass?

In general, an Eco Pass is an annual transit pass that allows for free, unlimited access to all Local, Express, and Regional bus and light rail routes across the RTD network in Boulder and the Denver metropolitan area. You can get more information on the main RTD web site at

The Holiday Neighborhood Eco Pass is available only to residents of the Holiday Neighborhood.

As a resident, your Holiday Neighborhood Eco Pass is paid for by your monthly fee to the Holiday Master HOA (or is included in your rental fee, in case you are renting in Holiday).

To get a new Holiday Neighborhood Eco Pass or to renew your existing pass for the new year, go to one of the end-of-year official Holiday Eco Pass handout/renewal sessions as advertised through fliers and door hangers in the neighborhood and through the annual Holiday Master HOA mail out.

During the year, send email to to get automated response with latest instructions on where, when and how to get help with your Holiday Neighborhood Eco Pass needs.

More information about the Holiday Neighborhood Eco Pass

   Eco Pass Presentation from 2021 Annual Meeting